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1. The printed ink layer is not dry. It should be hot pressed and then glued; delay the laminating time and make it dry thoroughly.

2. The printed ink layer is too thick. The amount of adhesive applied should be increased to increase the pressure and laminating temperature.

3. The drying temperature is too high and the surface of the adhesive is crusted. The drying temperature should be lowered.

4. The surface temperature of the laminating roll is too high. The temperature should be lowered.

5. The film of the laminating machine has wrinkles or slack, and the film is uneven or curled. The film should be replaced and the tension adjusted.

6. There are dust impurities on the surface of the film. It should be cleared in time.

7. The adhesive coating is uneven and the dosage is small. The amount of coating and uniformity should be increased.

8. The binder concentration is too high, the viscosity is large, and the coating is uneven. Apply a diluent to reduce the binder concentration.