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The pre-coating type laminating machine consists of four main parts: pre-coated plastic film unwinding, automatic input of printed matter, hot press zone compounding, and automatic rewinding, as well as mechanical transmission, pre-coated plastic film flattening, vertical and horizontal slitting, and computer control system And other auxiliary devices.

1. The automatic conveying mechanism of the printed matter input part can ensure that the printed matter does not overlap and enter the composite part equidistantly during transmission. Generally, pneumatic or friction methods are used to realize the control. The conveying is accurate and the precision is high. It can also be used when the composite format is small. Meet the above requirements.

2. The composite part includes a composite roller group and a calender roller group. The composite roller group is composed of silicone heating pressure roller pressure roller. Fine grinding treatment; the temperature of the hot pressing roller is tracked and sampled by the sensor, and the computer is corrected at any time; the compound pressure is adjusted by an eccentric cam mechanism, and the pressure can be steplessly adjusted. The calender roller set is basically the same as the composite roller set, that is, it is composed of a chrome-plated pressure roller and a silicone pressure roller, but there is no heating device. The main function of the calender roller group is: after the pre-coated plastic film is compounded with the printed product through the composite roller group, the surface brightness is not high, and the surface brightness and bonding strength are greatly improved by the second extrusion by the calender roller group.

3. Transmission system The transmission system is driven by a computer-controlled high-power motor. After a one-stage gear deceleration, through a three-stage chain drive, it drives the movement of the paper feeding mechanism and the composite part and the rotation of the silicone pressure roller of the calendering mechanism. The pressure roller group maintains proper working pressure under the pressure of stepless adjustment.

4. Computer control system The computer control system uses a microprocessor, and the hardware configuration consists of a main board, a digital key board, an optical isolation board, a power supply board, and a stepping motor power drive board.