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Laminating machines are special equipment for paper, board and film laminating, are combined by rubber roller and heating roller to form a paper-plastic product. They can be divided into two categories, namely, non-adhesive laminating machines and pre-coated laminating machines.

The pre-coating film laminating machine is a laminating equipment that does not require a heating and drying system for adhesives. The pre-coating laminating machine is a laminating equipment with the least investment and the best effect.

pre-coated lamination machine

The pre-coating type laminating machine adopts the form of glue-laminated film, such as using solvent volatile glue, water-based glue or hot melt glue to pre-coat the laminating material for hot pressing, while the glueless laminating machine, not glue lamination machine, is different from the pre-coating type Laminating machine, the non-adhesive laminating film does not use conventional biaxially oriented polypropylene film (OPP), but uses high-pressure polyethylene as the main material. PE film has better hot melt and plasticity. After special strong treatment on one side, the PE film can be hot-melt laminated on the color printing paper with a non-adhesive laminating machine. This kind of non-adhesive film can withstand the temperature of 20~120℃. The PE film is a material with weak van der Waals surface. The waxy additive composition makes the surface present a state of a weak interface layer. Therefore, in the hot melt state at a lower temperature, its adhesive force with the paper is also small, so in the process of adhesive-free film, it is necessary to insert a layer of auxiliary material between the heating roller and the PE film (for One side of the PE film has been subjected to a special strong treatment), and it is passed through a non-adhesive laminating machine, and then the laminating product is removed from the auxiliary material. In addition, there is a non-adhesive lamination process for adhesive-free laminating film, which can be directly laminated with paper at a certain temperature and pressure without glue. It is mainly used for self-adhesive label lamination.

The pre-coating film machine part is as follows:

1. Composite parts. The composite roll and calender roll group including the group. The composite roller is equipped with a heating pressure roller and a pressure roller composed of silica gel. The hot pressure roller is a hollow roller, equipped with a heating device inside, hard chrome-plated surface forging, polishing, fine grinding and processing; hot pressure roller temperature sensor tracking sampling, computer correction at any time; composite material pressure adjustment eccentric cam mechanism, pressure Can be adjusted. The calender roll set is basically the same composite roll set, that is, the pressure of the chromium roll is composed of a silicone pressure roll composition, but there is no heating device.

2. Computer control system. The computer control system adopts the microprocessor, the main board of the automatic laminating machine hardware configuration, the digital key board, the optical isolator board, the power board, and the stepper motor power driver board. Print the input section. The automatic conveying mechanism can ensure that the composite part of the input that is not overlapped and equidistant is printed during transmission. Generally, it is realized by accurate and high-precision inflation or friction control. When the composite format is small font, it can also meet the above requirements. of. Transmission system. The clutch high-power motor drive is controlled by a computer. After the speed is reduced by three gears driven by the chain, the paper feed mechanism and the composite part and the calendering mechanism of the drive are rotated by the silicon pressure roller. To maintain proper working pressure, the pressure roller group is continuously adjusted in pressure.