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Film lamination is divided into two categories according to equipment and process. One is “glue film lamination” and the other is “thermal film lamination”. There are two kinds of film, “glossy and matt”. The thermal film lamination is a process in which a plastic film is pre-coated with dry glue, and then combined with a paper printed product.

The coating film lamination is a process of a plastic film composite laminating immediately after coating. It is mainly used as a coating film processing factory or workshop. After applying the adhesive to the reel plastic film as needed, it is dried (slightly) composited and pressurized to adhere the paper film together to form a laminating product. That is, the coating film equipment has two kinds of automatic and semi-automatic, and its basic working principle is the same; the main process flow includes unwinding → gluing coating → drying → laminating → slitting → finished product stacking.

The pre-coating film is prepared by the pre-coating film processing factory according to the different specifications of the format, and then the glue is coated and re-rolled, selected by the manufacturer to be combined with the printed paper. There are three kinds of pre-coated films: hot film, pressure sensitive film and special film. The binding is mainly used in two types of hot film: BOPP, PET (and one is N nylon).

The pre-coating process is mainly pre-adhesive→upper-rolling→gluing coating (hanging type)→curing and cooling→rewinding→cutting→retracting volume→finished packaging.

Thermal machine: temperature adjustment → roll-up → paper feeding → heating → compound → slitting → automatic stacking → finished product.