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Paper and plastic film are the effects of temperature, pressure, and machine speed on the adhesion fastness when passing through the thermocompression mechanism. Paper and plastic are two irrelevant materials that rely on the intermediary effect of the adhesive. Compounding can only be achieved under the action of thermal pressure.

Under the action of hot pressing external force. The speed of movement of the binder molecules increases.

the adhesion fastness of laminating machine

Increased capacity, attracted and diffused by paper and ink molecules. Penetrates into the paper printed matter and ink layer to produce better affinity. A solidification phenomenon occurs. The cohesive force generated by the thermal curing properties of the adhesive polymer resin makes the plastic film and the printed paper form a firm bond. The appropriate compound temperature, pressure, compound time, and glue amount of the applied adhesive are the quality of the paper-plastic compound product. 

The influence of temperature, pressure, machine speed and glue amount on the adhesion fastness of automatic laminating machine:

1. The temperature of the drying tunnel is controlled at 40~45℃;

2. The hot rolling temperature is controlled at 50~80℃ according to the technical indicators of different types of adhesives;

3. The mechanical pressure is proportional to the adhesive force. The pressure is high and the viscosity is strong, but the pressure is small and the viscosity is poor. Under the action of strong pressure, the adhesive is more conducive to penetrating into the paper to improve the adhesion. Under the circumstances, the higher pressure is better than the lower pressure, and the pressure is controlled at a surface pressure of 100kg/cm²~150kg/cm²;

4. The machine speed is related to the pressing time, which will determine the length of the pressing time. The length of the pressing time is related to the adhesive force, and the adhesive force with a long pressing time is greater than that with a short time. Generally speaking, the speed of smooth paper can be faster, and the speed of rough paper should be slower;

5. The amount of glue used to coat the adhesive is based on experience, and the amount of glue can be adjusted according to the roughness of the paper, the size of the printed graphic area, and different papers. The smoothness of the paper is poor, the roughness or the amount of ink coating should be larger. On the contrary, the coating amount of coated paper with high smoothness should be smaller.