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When looking for the best laminating machine, you need to choose a balance between speed, size, thickness and capacity, as well as the price tag. If you want to choose between two similar laminators, additional features such as anti-jamming and automatic shutdown can help you. Some laminating machines only have thermal technology, and the laminating film and documents are sealed together by heat. Others also have a cold lamination function - which means that the film and the document are pressed together. If speed is a factor, your ideal laminator will be one that heats up faster and can laminate more inches per minute. That is, if you want to find a laminating machine for your home, office, or classroom. Certainly, choosing a quality lamination machine, you have to know about it first. Let us have a read.

What is laminating machine:

High speed laminating machine can be divided into two categories: coating machine and precoating laminating machine. It is a special equipment for paper and film. That is to say, the laminating machine includes three parts: gluing, drying and hot pressing. It has a wide range of applications, stable and reliable processing performance, and is widely used in China. Pre coated laminating machine, without glue and drying parts, is small in size, low in cost, flexible and convenient in operation. It is not only suitable for the laminating processing of large quantities of printed materials, but also suitable for the laminating processing of small batch and scattered printed materials such as automatic desktop office system, which has a bright future.

Quality Laminating Machine for home

Instant coating

The operation of this kind of equipment includes gluing, drying and hot pressing. Its advantages are that the quality of finished products is reliable. Its fatal disadvantage is that the oil-based adhesive processing will produce gases that affect human health. Therefore, this technology has been completely prohibited in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Water based adhesives are more environmentally friendly than oil-based ones, and the relative oil-based cost is higher. It is suitable for color printing, packaging paper, soft film material, soft rubber plate, etc. to make its surface bright, colorful and waterproof.

Pre-coating type

This kind of machine lamination is one-time molding. The consumables used have been coated with glue. When laminating, the glue is melted by heating, and then the film is bonded to the printed matter by pressure. This kind of laminating equipment is cheap, easy to operate, and does not produce harmful gases during operation. In today's society which pays more and more attention to environmental protection, it is believed that this technology will one day replace the existing pre coated film and become the main laminating technology in domestic printing industry. Its disadvantages are that the technology is not very mature in China, and there are still some problems to be solved, such as: single side film curling (there are single side anti curl machines, but the price is high), and it is difficult to cover the printed matter with silicone oil. It is widely used in short plate printing and digital fast printing industry.

Cold laminated type

Cold lamination machine is a kind of automatic laminating machine which works at normal temperature without heating. It can directly stick sticky film to printed matter by pressing. This kind of machine is cheap and widely used, such as plate industry (aluminum plate, iron plate, rubber plate, wood plate, steel plate, glass plate, etc.), decoration industry, hardware industry, etc.

Laminated film technology:

Laminating process is a kind of surface processing technology after printing, also known as post press plastic, post press mounting or post press film pasting. It refers to a kind of product processing technology in which a layer of transparent plastic film with thickness of 0.012 ~ 0.020mm is covered on the surface of printed matter by laminating machine.

Laminating machine is used to complete the laminating process equipment, generally speaking, according to the process used can be divided into coating, pre coating two, according to the different film materials are divided into bright film, Matt Film two kinds.

The main problems that affect the laminating process are as follows: affecting the health of operators and fire hazards; it is difficult to recycle the coated paper and film materials and waste resources

Working principle of laminating machine:

The working principle of the laminating machine is: firstly, the adhesive is coated on the plastic film by the roller coating device, and then the film is softened by heating the hot pressing roller, and then the printed matter coated with the substrate is pressed and pressed together with the film to form a paper plastic laminating product. The working principle of the existing coating laminating machine is that the coating is a process of laminating paper and plastic with the application of the film coating machine immediately. According to the needs of customers, the roll film is coated with adhesive, then slightly drying compound and pressurized, finally the paper film is adhered together with it to form a film covered product, by Instant coating processing plant or its workshop.

There are two kinds of instant coating laminators namely automatic and semi-automatic, and their basic working principles are the same; the process flow mainly includes unwinding film roll→ gluing and coating → drying → compounding → cutting → stacking of finished products.

The pre-coating laminating machine is a special equipment for laminating printed matter and precoated plastic film together. Its main structure consists of film unwinding, automatic input of printed matter, hot pressing lamination and automatic winding. Compared with instant coating laminating machine, it does not need adhesive coating and drying parts. Therefore, it has compact structure, small volume, low cost, easy operation, startup and production on demand It is flexible and efficient. The lamination of pre coated film and paper printed matter only needs hot pressing, so it is suitable for all kinds of laminating machine and plastic sealing machine with hot pressing function.