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The thermal film laminating machine is a special equipment for combining printed materials with thermal plastic film. The main structure consists of four parts: film unwinding, automatic print feeded, heat pressing compounding and automatic rewinding. Compared with the coating film laminating machine, the adhesive coating and drying part are not required, so it has compact structure, small volume, low cost,  simple operation, immediately working after booting, high production flexibility, and high efficiency. The composite of the pre-coated film and the printed paper can be used as long as it is hot pressed, and is suitable for various laminating machines.

The pre-coating film is less polluted than the instant coating film, and there is no influence on the quality due to the difference in the properties of the paper. There is no influence of the filming effect due to the difference in the color of the ink, and there is no influence of the adhesive used in the perfect binding. The pre-coated film laminating machine is easy to handle and process. The processed paper is more beautiful, bright, and there are basically no wrinkles, bubbles, falling off, etc., and the utility model has wide application, and can carry out film processing other than printing.

In view of the above advantages of the pre-coated film laminating machine and the current printing process can not get rid of the filming technology, it can be concluded that the pre-coated film will be the future development process direction. However, the related technology of paper membrane separation equipment in China is still immature, and the paper after lamination is still unable to be separated and recovered.