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1. The power switch box needs to be a power switch box with a ground wire to ensure the safety of electricity.

2. The laminating workshop should be as dust-free as possible to ensure the laminating effect.

3. Before lamination, it is necessary to completely remove the dust on the equipment and the laminated rubber roller.

4. When the laminator is running, it is forbidden to put your fingers into the two pressure rollers to avoid hand injury; the temperature of the pressure roller of this machine is high, please do not touch it with your hands to avoid burns.

5. When the machine is running, do not open the door panel of the cabinet to avoid electric shock or gear injury.

6. When performing maintenance or repair inspection, the main power supply needs to be cut off. No live maintenance or repair is allowed. The electrical system of the machine should be well insulated to prevent moisture. When shutting down, the power supply should be cut off to prevent accidents.

7. During maintenance or repair, the heating pipe should be disassembled. Please handle with care to avoid damaging the heating tube.

8. During inspection or maintenance, if there is oil leakage under the bearing, it should be removed to prevent the leakage oil from flowing into other parts and affecting the normal operation of the machine.

9. When the equipment is debugged, no more than one person is allowed to operate. The operator needs to ensure that no one is touching the moving parts.

10. Every time you turn on the machine, you should clean up the dust on the surface of each roller and check whether the surface of each roller is smooth. If there is any fault or abnormal noise, you should analyze and find out the cause in time and eliminate it, and continue using it after everything is normal.

11. When scrubbing the machine, start the machine at low speed and scrub in the correct position. Rolling cloth by hand is strictly prohibited.

12. It is strictly forbidden to place any tools, devices and sundries on the machine.

13. The newly installed machine should strengthen the lubrication of the machine, and pay attention not to use the machine quickly during the running-in period of the machine transmission.