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1. The sensor element of the temperature controller uses a thermocouple to detect the temperature. Due to the greater influence of installation location, ambient air temperature and external air flow, the accuracy of temperature measurement has a large error. The temperature displayed on the thermometer is a relative temperature, and the temperature should be selected based on the actual processing experience and the relative reference thermometer.

2. When the machine starts to heat up, someone needs to be supervised on site.

3. Check whether the electrical facilities are in good condition before starting up.

4. Before starting the machine, you need to check the safety accessories such as the protective cover and protective plate of the machine to ensure that they are in good condition and cannot be disassembled randomly.

5. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to penetrate the two rollers with your fingers to avoid hand stabbing. The temperature of the press roller of the machine is high. Do not touch it with your hands to prevent burns. When scrubbing the machine, it should be started at a low speed and scrubbed in the correct position. It is strictly forbidden to crush the cloth in your hands with two rollers.

6. Wear gloves when replacing the filter screen, adjusting the die head, and scraping the die opening. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves when working together, such as towing.

7. It is strictly forbidden to wear shirtless, shorts, skirts, formal wear, etc. for operation, and tight clothing is required.

8. If there is plastic leakage, paper scraps, etc. above the composite roller, it is not allowed to directly remove it by hand. It should be marked with plastic sticks, small wooden sticks, etc.

9. When cleaning the film on the composite roller, it is necessary to stop processing.

10. When the machine stops, it is necessary to remove the pneumatic system, separate the pressure roller and the rubber roller in time, and loosen the scraper and the pre-pressure roller to avoid long-term deformation and damage of the two rollers.

11. When repairing and inspecting the machine, turn off the main power switch of the machine. The electrical system of the machine should be well insulated to prevent moisture. When the machine is stopped, the power supply should be cut off to prevent accidents.

12. It is strictly forbidden to place any tools, devices and sundries on the machine. The working air gap of the glue roller and the leveling roller is very small. Once any hard object is pressed into the surface of the rubber roller, it will leave indentations or cracks on the rubber. In the light case, it takes a long time to recover the natural elasticity, in case the rubber roller is directly scrapped;

13. Pay attention to leakage damage. Every person on duty must know the method of emergency cut off the main power supply. If they are not clear, they are not allowed to work.

14. The newly installed machine should strengthen the lubrication of the machine, and be careful not to use the machine quickly during the running-in period of the machine transmission.