Discussion: Does the glazing machine can replace the film laminating machine?

In fact, in addition to the film coating process, UV glazing can also play a certain role in protecting and decorating the surface of the printed matter. The two are similar in many functions. Due ...

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How to maintain the film laminating machine?

1. Always check the oil pipe, valve and cylinder plug of the hydraulic system for oil leakage. When it is found that there is oil leakage, the sealing ring should be replaced in time. The hydraulic...

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Principles and advantages of thermal film laminating machine

The thermal film laminating machine is a special equipment for combining printed materials with thermal plastic film. The main structure consists of four parts: film unwinding, automatic print feed...

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The difference between "glue film lamination" and "thermal film lamination"

Film lamination is divided into two categories according to equipment and process. One is “glue film lamination” and the other is “thermal film lamination”. There are two ki...

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The Print China 2019 concluded in a success

On April 13, 2019, the 4th the Print China was successfully concluded at the Guangdong Mordern International Expo Center.During the Exhibition, Aote Packaging Machinery showed our customers at home...

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What to do when the laminated film bubbles?

1. The printed ink layer is not dry. It should be hot pressed and then glued; delay the laminating time and make it dry thoroughly.2. The printed ink layer is too thick. The amount of adhesive appl...

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Quality Laminating Machine For Office Or Home

When looking for the best laminating machine, you need to choose a balance between speed, size, thickness and capacity, as well as the price tag. If you want to choose between two similar laminator...

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Export QLFM-1100 fully automatic vertical laminating machine to Turkey

1.High Accuracy Lap Control: Servo-controlled lap within ±2mm, synchronizes with feeder, high accuracy front lay and pnuematic side lay regulator ensure accurate and stable position.2.Automa...

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