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1. After use, please stop heating. When the temperature drops below 80℃, stop the rubber roller rotation, raise the rubber roller, and turn off the power at the end; if there is an automatic shutdown function, please select this function first, and then turn off the power.

2. Keep the laminating equipment clean for a long time, especially the rubber roller, workbench, balance roller, etc.

3. Check whether there is dirt on the surface of the rubber roller, especially whether there is dirt on the surface of the rubber roller.

4. After each use of the machine, the machine must be cleaned immediately so as not to affect the quality of the film next time it is used. Wipe the roller with glue thinner (alcohol or xylene) and a soft towel. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp tools (such as blades) to touch or scratch the surface of the rubber roller, otherwise it will damage or completely damage the flatness of the rubber roller and make it impossible to use it.

5. When operating the touch screen, please press lightly, do not use too much force or too much force, and do not touch the surface of the screen with hard objects.

6. When using the laminator every day, add a small amount of oil to the transmission chain once a month, and clean the transmission chain once every six months. The machine is inspected in various aspects once a year, and the problems are solved in time.

7. If the rubber roller needs to stop rotating for a long time, you need to stop the heating of the heating tube first, so as not to burn the rubber roller when the temperature is too high, affect the temperature balance of the rubber roller surface, and directly affect the coating effect.

8. When lamination, ensure that there is no sliding between the inner cylinder and the fixed card, so as not to affect the quality of lamination due to uneven tension.

9. It is necessary to regularly add lubricating oil to the transmission parts and sliding surfaces of the machine to ensure that the machine works in a good lubrication state, especially the large bearing of the coating roller is easy to volatilize due to high pressure and high temperature. High-temperature lubricating oil should be added in time (the high-temperature lubricating oil should be added every 50 hours as much as possible during heating operation) to make it work normally under high temperature and high pressure. The rotating shaft should be lubricated regularly to ensure reliable rotation.