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1. Always check the oil pipe, valve and cylinder plug of the hydraulic system for oil leakage. When it is found that there is oil leakage, the sealing ring should be replaced in time. The hydraulic oil should be filled into the hydraulic cylinder in time.

2. Always check the rubber roller for grease and dirt on the rubber roller, and scrub the glue and dust on the roller in time. Make sure that the surfaces of the two rolls are clean. The surface of each roller must be kept clean. Always clean the machine immediately after using the machine. Use a glue thinner (alcohol or xylene) to wash and wipe the rollers with a soft towel. Do not use a sharpener to scrape the surface of the roller. Every time before you turn on the machine, you should clean the surface of each roller. Also check whether the surface of each roller of the machine is clean, whether the machine is faulty or abnormal, and should be analyzed in time to find out the cause and clear it. After the standby device is normal, the machine can continue to be used.

3. The grounding of the laminating machine and the insulation of the electrical appliance should be guaranteed.

4. The blade line of the scraping blade should be flat and elastic. When there are bucks, teeth, curls, etc., it should be repaired and replaced in time. Using a 0.15~0.20 mm manganese steel or offset press blade according to the original specifications to replace it.

5. It is necessary to regularly lubricate the transmission parts and sliding surfaces of the machine to ensure that the machine is in a good lubrication state. In particular, the large bearing of the pressure roller has a large pressure and high temperature, and the lubricating oil is volatilized and lost. The high temperature oil should be lubricated timely, so that it can be normally working under high temperature and high pressure.

6. Conduct a comprehensive inspection on the machine every year, and find problems in time to solve the problem, so as to avoid more serious damage to the machine.