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Model: ZWFM-1100
Lap Accuracy: 20~30KW
Lamination Pressure: 5~15Mpa
Dimension (L*W*H): 8600×2100×2100mm

Description of thermal BOPP laminating machine

ZWFM-1100 thermal BOPP laminating machine is designed for glue-free (pre-coated film) laminating, easy to use without glue.The thermal BOPP laminating machine adopts a heating and drying system. The 360-mm diameter mirror composite roller is equipped with electromagnetic heating device, which can realize rapid starting and heating. The heating speed is more than twice that of the traditional oil heating device, and the energy consumption is lower than that of the vertical machine.

While ensuring quality, our ZWFM-1100 thermal BOPP laminating machine is more cost-effective than similar machines. If you are looking for a thermal BOPP laminating machine, I believe we will be the most suitable choice for you.

Technical Parameters of thermal BOPP laminating machine



Max.Paper Size


Min.Paper Size


Paper Thickness


Film Thickness

8~25 micron

Max. Speed



380V 50Hz

Total Power


Working Power


Lap Accuracy


Lamination Pressure


Hight of Feeder Pile


Hight of Stacker Pile


Dimension (L*W*H)


Packaging Size(Wooden Pallet)

(L*W*H) (40GP)

2200x2100x2200mm(Feeder part)

1600x2100x1900mm(Lamination Part)

1200x2100x1800mm(Slitting Part)

2200x2100x2100mm(Stacking Part)

Total Weight

6000 kg

Physical and detail drawings of thermal BOPP laminating machine

Features of thermal BOPP laminating machine

We have excellent heating and drying systems that save energy and increase productivity.

Wrinkle resistant bending design. In order to achieve the ideal coating effect and prevent bending, we use the use of tissue flat anti-bending mechanism and wave feed mechanism, specially designed for tissue paper, prevent paper warping.

The cutting part adopts the hot knife cutting system with the latest technology in the industry, which can quickly and perfectly cut all kinds of films, such as PET, PVC, BOPP, aluminized film, etc., without tail film.

PLC centralized control, man-machine interactive operation interface, equipped with non-stop system.

The automatic conveying mechanism can ensure that the printed matter enters into the composite parts equidistance without overlapping in the transmission. Generally, pneumatic or friction mode is adopted to realize the control. Can also meet the above requirements.

FAQ about thermal BOPP laminating machine

1.What is your delivery time?

Regular within 30 days after payment of deposit.

2. The packing?

Moistureproof, shockproof packing, suitable for long distance road transportation and all kinds of weather conditions.

3. How about after-sales service?

We offer a one-year warranty. In the meantime, if there is any quality problem, we will provide spare parts free of charge for replacement. Our professional after-sales service team will provide you with lifelong technical support.

4.Why do I get wrinkles when I use a film?

Laminating machine wrinkles when the reason analysis: laminating machine wrinkles when there are many reasons, but the main or temperature, pressure, speed these three factors. Since such products are rare in the market and customers have encountered a lot of trouble, here is a brief analysis of the impact of three factors.

First of all, temperature is the most critical film, precoated adhesive is hot melt adhesive, temperature determines the molten state of hot melt adhesive, decided the leveling performance of hot melt adhesive, if wrong, or more easily cause wrinkles.

The second is pressure, in the correct control of the cover and temperature should also use appropriate pressure, because the surface of the paper itself is not very smooth, only under the action of pressure, hot melt adhesive viscous flow will be removed. Completely wetting the surface of the paper from the surface of the print during air treatment. This is actually the cause of the film laminating machine when the main cause of wrinkles.

The last point is speed, the rate of change determines the speed at which the precoated film and paper reach the bonding time. Above is the impact of the film laminating machine when the three main causes of wrinkles.

And our ZWFM-1100 thermal BOPP laminating machine uses new technology, to a large extent to avoid the occurrence of wrinkles.

There are three types of thermal films with two or three surface treatments such as PET, BOPP and Nylon. Biaxially oriented polypropylene film, biaxially oriented polypropylene is the base material. The process used to combine the layers of BOPP film and thermal laminating adhesive is extrusion coating. Therefore, the film has the properties of BOPP film on one side and the other side is heat sensitive and is used for dry lamination. Our products get good comments from buyers. At the same time we own advanced production technology and senior designers for OEM and ODM. Please contact with our representatives and inquiry for good price in bulk.

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