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Model: LMFQ-1200
Motor Power: 1.5kw
Overall dimensions: 2500x1750x1200
Wood Box Dimension: 2600x1900x1250
Description of laminated sheet cutting machine

LMFQ-1200 laminated sheet cutting machine is a supplement to water-based laminating machine. This laminated sheet cutting machine is suitable for automatic cutting of various sheet-fed coated paper, such as BOPP, OPP, after laminating the paper can be separated automatically. It has the characteristics of compact structure, simple and reliable operation, stable operation, fast speed and high efficiency. LMFQ-1200 laminated sheet cutting machine is a ideal equipment for printing houses to increase production.

Technical Parameters of laminated sheet cutting machine



Max.Paper Size


Max. speed




Motor Power




Overall dimensions


Wood Box Dimension


This is the specific parameter of our LMFQ-1200 laminated sheet cutting machine for reference only. We pay attention to the quality of machine details. LMFQ-1200 laminated sheet cutting machine use international famous brand accessories, you can rest assured to use the quality of the machine, according to the need to buy.

Detail drawings of laminated sheet cutting machine

FAQ about laminated sheet cutting machine

What are the advantages of automatic laminating machine?

Convenient for long-term storage and use. The use of lamination is in great demand. Often, books and certain products require laminating for long-term use and retention. Use off-the-shelf film as cover to maintain paper. After laminating can extend the cover (or the appearance of printed matter) service life, especially for students textbook class has a certain advantage, so the amount of more and more.

Not easily destroyed. With the aid of this coating, the color of the text and the color effect and maintenance of the text printing can be added, and is not easy to wear out. This makes it easier for publishers to tailor various artistic designs to their needs on the cover or the appearance of the print, thus promoting the dose increase.

The new automatic laminating machine is equipped with an excellent automation system, adjustable speed disc rotary cutter to ensure paper cutting. The use of large diameter roller effectively increases the production speed and ensures the smoothness of composite products. Equipped with uninterrupted paper supply equipment to ensure continuous production. The motor uses frequency conversion control, safe and reliable. The advanced drying channel structure ensures that the glue on the film can dry quickly.

The laminate sorter and laminated sheet cutting machine we offer is of the highest quality and has been developed using the latest technology. We strive to constantly improve and improve our ability to process our product line. It is also suitable for the automatic slitting of various sheet-fed laminated papers. The high standard lamination machines with sheet cutting machine, we produced, has met high standard as Europe and exported to worldwide with competitive price. At the same time our products get good comments from buyers. Meanwhile, we own advanced production technology and senior designers for OEM and ODM. Please contact with our representatives and inquiry for wholesale price in bulk.

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